Terms Of Service


Date of the last revision: 27st September 2017.


 OTC789.com services (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) for the global bitcoin trading enthusiasts to provide. Please note that the terms and conditions of this agreement(hereinafter referred to as“this agreement”), which have or may have a significant relationship with your interests, which have or may have liability for exemption or limitation for this platform(hereinafter referred to as“this platform”), please note that. You acknowledge that you become a registered user on this platform to accept this service, all you have fully read, understand and accept this agreement, once you use this service, you are agreeing to follow all terms in this agreement.

 You agree that this platform has the right to make unilateral changes to the contents of this agreement at any time, and shall be updated and displayed on this agreement page without notice of you separately. If you continue to use this service in this agreement after the change, that you have read, fully understand and accept the contents of the revised agreement, will also follow the contents of the revised protocol using this service; if you do not agree with the contents of the revised agreement, you should stop using this service.

 You promise that you will be 18 years of age when you agree to accept this agreement and register as a user of this platform. The contents of this agreement shall not be subject to the laws of your country or region. If you do not have the foregoing conditions, you should immediately stop the registration or stop using this service.


Account limit


 You should obey the laws in your country or region and the relevant international practices in the use of this service, the service will not be used for any illegal purpose (including for the prohibition or restriction of trading goods transaction), do not use the service in any illegal way.

 You shall not engage in the behavior infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests use this service, or this platform have the right to conduct the investigation, delay or refuse settlement or refuse to provide this service, and you should independently assume all responsibilities, thus leading to this platform or employees is damaged, you shall bear the liability for compensation.

 The above acts include, but are not limited to:

1. Infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of other people's right of reputation, privacy and trade secrets etc.

2. Breach of confidentiality obligations stipulated by law or agreement.

3. Fraudulent use of the name of others using this service.

4. The conduct of illegal transactions, such as money laundering, terrorist financing, drug trafficking or other acts this platform consider that not allowed to use this service.

5. To engage in any act which may contain a computer virus or may infringe upon the service system or information.

6. To carry out transactions that do not conform to the terms of the transaction that you or the other party declare, or are not true.

7. Any other act deemed inappropriate by this platform for justified reasons.


Our main services


Which contains:

1. Escrow: you can use this service in the manner specified to your OTC789.com account , and commissioned this platform for safekeeping.

2. Settlement: transactions between you and other users on this platform, will be provided by this platform as the third party to provide bitcoin transaction settlement services (not related to the legal tender). You agree that after the settlement of this platform,not because of the terms of this agreement have been agreed, the payment is irreversible.

3. Cash: you can ask this platform to pay your amount of bitcoin you entrust this platform safekeeping. When you send instructions to this platform to extract bitcoin, you must verify that the valid authentication method you have set on this platform, after the successful verification of this platform, it will be within the specified time (specific to the provisions of this platform shall prevail), the corresponding number of bitcoin into the effective receiving address you provide.

4. Query: you can query your account in this system in real time .

5. Money exclusive: the bitcoin you transferred to the platform and belongs to your account, this platform will be properly kept, without any other purpose other than your instructions.


Registration related


You are required to register directly on this website and obtain the account provided by this platform ,and you agree:

1. According to the requirements of this platform, provide accurate information, and after the acquisition of the account, update your correct, up-to-date and complete verification data. If this platform believe the details are not correct, current, or complete,this platform requires you to provide any relevant information, if you can not cooperate with, we have the right to refuse you access to the site, or any of its resources, and to terminate or suspend your account.

2. You should provide accurate and timely updates of your e-mail, telephone number and other contact information, so that this platform with you in a timely and effective contact. You will be solely responsible for any loss or any expense arising from the use of this service because this platform can not get in touch with you through these contacts.

3. Your account must not contain misleading or fraudulent information, including, but not limited to having a non-personal phone number, creating fake reputation information for your account, faking your country of origin or providing fraudulent identification documents.

4. Because you do not update the information in a timely manner (including but not limited to the platform account bound mobile phone number, email, etc.) ,any errors that occur when the service is not available or available, you are not allowed to as a reason for canceling this transaction or refusing to pay, you will bear all the consequences of this, this platform does not assume any responsibility.

5. You should be responsible for your account, only you can use your account. You are not allowed to sell, borrow, share or otherwise make available your account or any detail necessary to access your account to people or entities other than yourself.

6. You agree that if you lose all or part of the capacity for civil rights or civil capacity,this platform shall have the right to dispose of any money or goods in connection with your account in accordance with the effective legal documents, including but not limited to, the effective judgment of the court, the will to be made, etc.

7. We may at any time require you to complete our ID verification process and may also require you to submit additional identification documents to this platform if we deem it necessary. Failing to complete ID verification will be considered a violation of this agreement.

8. We may close, suspend, or limit your access to your account or to other Services we offer, and/or limit access to your Bitcoin balance for up to 180 days (or longer if pursuant to a court order or other legal process) if you violate these Terms of Service or any other agreement you enter into with this platform, or as otherwise specified in these Terms of Service or other agreement you have entered into with this platform. We may also use proprietary fraud and risk modeling when assessing the risk associated with your account, high risk users are deemed to be in violation of this agreement.

9. If we determine that you have at any previous point in time violated this agreement or any other agreement that you have entered into with us we will immediately close, suspend or limit your account and Bitcoin balance as per the terms outlined in this agreement.


Advertisements and trading


With a registered account you can create Bitcoin trade advertisements to advertise that you are purchasing or selling Bitcoins. You may initiate Bitcoin trades by contacting advertisements created by other users or wait for users to initiate trades with you by contacting ads created by yourself. And you agree:

1. By initiating a Bitcoin trade you agree to be bound by the advertisers terms of trade set forth by the advertiser and displayed as terms of trade on the advertisement page. The terms of trade as determined by the advertiser are valid in all cases except when the advertisers terms contradict this platform Terms of Service or are illegal or if both parties of the trade consent to alter the terms of trade.

2. The price or price equation that is defined in the advertisement must contain any and all fees that the advertiser requires the user initiating the trade to pay. After initiation of a trade the Bitcoin price is locked and cannot be changed or any additional fees added without consent from both parties of the trade and this platform.

3. Each user can create a limited number of ads, the same account, the same country, the same payment method, the same currency, the same type of user, can only publish a message. To create more ads, you must delete the previous ad.

4. We may hide, remove, or limit your advertisements, if you violate these Terms of Service or any other agreement you enter into with this platform , or as otherwise specified in these Terms of Service or other agreement you have entered into with this platform.

5. Valid payment details must be provided through this platform trade system. It is a violation of this terms of service to provide payment details through other communication channels.

6. In case a payment made by a Bitocin buyer to a seller is frozen, held, reversed, charged back or in other ways withheld from the Bitcoin seller the buyer will be considered in breach of these terms of service. User information of the buyer can be provided to the seller to assist in recovery of the funds.

7. Bitcoin must be held in escrow during the whole trade process until the seller has received payment in full.

8. Bitcoin buyers must be able to, upon request by this platform, provide adequate proof of payment for up to 180 days after the trade has been completed.

9. We use proprietary fraud and risk modeling when assessing the risk associated with your account, your ads and your trades. If we find your account to pose a high risk to this platform or our customers we will consider you in breach of these terms of service and may temporarily limit your account and freeze your Bitcoin wallet in accordance with these terms of service.


Disputes with Bitcoin trades


If the buyer and seller of a Bitcoin trade are in disagreement over a trade either party or this platform initiate a dispute. Disputed trades are resolved by this platform support staff.

1. This platform support resolves disputes by carefully evaluating the terms of trade, payment evidence, trade chat messages, user reputation, other data submitted to us by our users and data collected by us as part of the privacy policy.

2. When sellers turn unresponsive, we will resolve the dispute to the buyer if we are confident the seller has received valid payment from the buyer. If the buyer is unresponsive the seller may dispute the trade and we will resolve the dispute to the seller.

3. After the trade has been released by the seller, cancelled by the buyer or automatically cancelled due to not being marked as paid the trade is considered finished and cannot be disputed, reversed or altered.

4. Providing fraudulent information or documents in a dispute or making false claims or otherwise trying to force a certain outcome of a disputed trade is considered a violation of this agreement. If payment details are provided outside of this platform the dispute may be resolved without taking the payment details into consideration.


Account security


You will be fully responsible for all actions and comments that are made using the account and password. And you agree:

1. This platform through your account login name and password and other instructions to identify your instructions, you should keep your account login name and password, for the loss caused by the password leak, by your own commitment.You promise not to reveal your account login and password to any other person, nor use any other person's login name and password.This platform may also indicate the services you use other products or equipment to identify you, you shall keep in you or you should be in control of these products or equipment for any loss caused by the loss of these products or equipment, by your own risk.

2. If you have found fraudulent use or misappropriation of the name and password of your account or any other circumstances without a legally authorized, shall immediately notify the platform in an efficient way, the requirements of this platform to suspend the relevant service. Make sure you continuous access at last with the correct steps left the website.This platform shall not and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or other adverse consequences arising from your failure to comply with this agreement. You understand that this platform requires a reasonable period of time to take action against your request. Before that, this platform assumes no responsibility for the execution of the instructions and the resulting losses.

3. Unless otherwise provided for by law or judicial judgment, and with the consent of this platform, or your account login name and password, account shall not be transferred, given, or inherited in any way(related property right and interests are excluded).

4. Need to run and transaction security , this platform can temporarily stop providing the service or restricted part of the function, or provide new functionality, or changes in any function, increase and decrease, as long as you still use this service, you still agree with this agreement or the agreement after the change.

5. This platform has the right to know the real transaction background and objective that you use the product or service, you should truthfully to this platform provide true, complete and accurate information; if this platform has reasonable grounds to suspect you provide false trading information, this platform has the right to temporarily or permanently limit your use of the product or service part or all of the features.

6. In order to your account and the safety of bitcoin, according to the agreement, the provisions of laws and regulations and legal documents, the government in accordance with the administrative power requirements and the basis to judge that this platform may have on your account risk, this platform has the right to all or part of your account name freeze that is the temporary closure of some or all of these accounts using permissions.Frozen inverse process for thawing. When freezing occurs, if you apply for a thaw, this platform shall have the right to judge according to the provisions of the freezing reasons to decide whether to allow all or part of thawing, you should fully understand your application does not necessarily thaw allowed, and when you apply for thawing shall cooperate with the relevant requirements of this platform to verify your identity. Provide including but not limited to the identity information, ID card, passport or other valid identity documents and other information required by the platform or file.


Account usage rules


In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the service you use, you understand and agree to the following rules:

1. Once you use this service, you will authorize this platform to broker the bitcoin settlement between you and the user that meets the specified conditions.

2. This platform to accept from your instructions through the following two ways: first, you on this website through your account name and password login and transaction in accordance with the state or the service instruction process to modify or confirm the presupposition; second, as the name of the account or the account bound e-mail, mobile phone or other to your communication tools to you through your registration reply to the system to send information. Whether you through the above two ways either to the platform issued a directive, can not be withdrawn or revoked, and become the only instruction platform agent you pay or receive payment or other account operation, as your instructions, you should be responsible for the execution of any of the above instructions faithfully executed by this platform. Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, when you have a dispute with the third party, you authorize this platform to judge and decide to pay all or part of the dispute to the party or both parties.

3. This platform by e-mail (or sent to the mobile phone SMS or phone) notify your transaction progress and prompt you to the next step, but this platform does not guarantee you can receive or receive the message in time (or sent to the mobile phone SMS or phone), and this platform does not bear any consequences for these case , therefore, in the trading process, you should promptly login to the site to view and trading operations. This platform shall not be liable for any dispute or loss arising from the failure to timely review and confirm the status of the transaction or to fail to submit the application.

4. Under this agreement bitcoin transfer is achieved by the corresponding network, you understand and agree to the reasonable time of your bitcoins in circulation way.

5. Transaction risk

 (1) In the use of this service, if you or your trading instructions error (including but not limited to price, quantity and other factors) and make your transaction loss, loss of responsibility will be borne by yourself.

 (2) Any loss caused by the fault of you by your own risk, the fault including but not limited to: prompt operation in accordance with the transaction, trading operations is not timely, forgotten or leak password, the password is cracked others, you use the computer intrusion by others.

 (3) In the use of this service, if you have some unjust enrichment because the bug has not yet found in this platform trading system or in the rules, this platform has the right to contact you back, you must cooperate, otherwise this platform will be taken including but not limited to the restricted account transactions, freezing accounts, recourse to the judicial organ for prosecution such measures, because you not to give us the effective coordination of recourse costs will be borne by you.

6. You understand and agree that this platform is not liable for any damages arising from any of the following circumstances, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, goods, data, etc.

 (1) This platform has the right to unilaterally based on judgment, including but not limited to this platform deem that you have violated this agreement expressly and spirit, to your account in the name of the suspension, interruption or termination of the service or any part of it to you and remove your data.

 (2) This platform in the abnormal trading or doubtful or in violation of the law or this agreement shall have the right to use, without notice to suspend or terminate your named account (including but not limited to the account funds and in-transit trades take cancellation of transactions, account adjustment and other measures), and refuse to use some or all of the functions of the service.




 When you use this service, this platform has the right to charge the service charge in accordance with the List of fees. This platform has the right to formulate and adjust the service fee, the specific service fee shall be based on the charges listed on this website or any other written agreements you have made with this platform when you use this service.

 Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, you agree to this platform has the right to directly deduct the service fee from your escrow,collection and payment of funds.


Privacy protection


Once you agree to this agreement or to use this service, you agree to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1. Account name and password

 When you register an account and service, we will ask you to set the account name and password to identify you, and set the mobile phone SMS verification and authentication and other means, so that to confirm your identity in your lost password. You can only use the password you set up to use the account, if you leak the password, you may lose your personal identification information, and may lead to adverse legal consequences for you. The account and password for any reason is a potential or real danger, you should immediately contact the platform, this platform before taking action, this platform does not bear any responsibility.

2. Registration information

 You should provide your phone number and email address when registering. In order to provide new services and opportunities to you, you understand and agree that this platform will be through your contact information (including but not limited to the mobile phone and e-mail) to send you the relevant notification and other commercial electronic information.

3. Trading behavior

 In order to ensure the safety of your use of this service and continuous improvement of service quality, this platform will record and save your login and use the related information of the service platform, but this platform promise will not provide such information to any third party (unless the Parties otherwise agreed otherwise or legal regulations).

4. You agree to more safely and effectively provide services to you, according to the provisions of laws and regulations, or this platform need to identify you, or this platform that your account has risk, this platform has the right to require you to submit identity information (including but not limited to identity cards, passports and other documents or other file). Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, this platform is not open to the public or to provide information to third parties, except as:

 (1) Obtain your prior authorization;

 (2) Disclosure in accordance with the requirements of this agreement;

 (3) In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations;

 (4) In accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities of the government;

 (5) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the platform.

5. Links

 This site contains links to other sites, but this platform does not take any responsibility for privacy protection of other sites. This platform may increase the business partner or share the brand website whenever needed.

6. Security  This platform provides only according to the existing technology to make the appropriate security measures of the platform information is not lost, misused and altered. These security measures include backup data to other servers and encryption of user passwords. Despite these security measures, but this platform does not guarantee the absolute security of these information.


System interrupt or fault


This platorm shall not be liable for damages due to the failure of the following conditions to make it possible for you to use this services, including but not limited to:

1. In this platform website announcement system downtime maintenance period.

2. Telecom equipment failure can not carry out data transmission.

3. Due to typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, war, terrorist attacks and other factors of force majeure, resulting in the system can not carry out the operation of the system barrier.

4. Due to a temporary closure of hacker attacks, virus outbreak or technical failure, or adjust the telecommunications sector website upgrade, due to government regulation causes the normal operation of the network and the service interruption or delay.

5. Improper operation of the user or through the use of non platform authorized or approved the use of platform services.

6. The user's computer hardware and software and communication lines, power supply lines failure.


Scope of liability and limitation of liability


This platform is only responsible for the scope of liability set forth in this agreement:

1. This platform user information is provided by the user himself, this platform can not guarantee that the information is accurate, effective and complete.

2. This platform can also provide you and your counterparty (transaction) provides platform services, you agree to this platform of the possible behavior to be clear from any actual or potential conflict of interest, and not to claim legal flaws in the existing platform to provide platform service.

3.Through the use of this service you download or obtain any information, you should consider their own and self risk, due to the download of data caused any damage to your computer system or data loss, you should take full responsibility.

4. You from this platform and this platform staff or through this service to obtain the advice and information, whether it is written or oral form, does not constitute this platform of this service guarantee.


Entire agreement


 This agreement is made up of the terms of this agreement and the List of fees and so on. The relevant terms can be referenced by each other. You understand and agree with this agreement, you understand and agree with all the components of this agreement, once you use this service, you and this platform is subject to all components of this agreement. Part of this agreement shall be deemed illegal by the judicial authority with jurisdiction, and shall not affect the validity of other contents.


Trademark, intellectual property protection


 All content on this website, including but not limited to books, pictures, files, information, information, website, website picture arrangement, web design, by the platform to own the intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the trademark, patent, copyright and trade secrets.

 Without the written consent of the platform, no person shall use, modify, copy, publicly disseminate, change, distribute, distribute or publish the website program or content.

 Respect for intellectual property rights is your obligation, if there is a breach, you should bear the liability for damages.


Applicable law and jurisdiction


The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and settlement of the agreement shall be governed by the law of the place where this platform is located, without reference to the relevant laws and regulations, with reference to the general international commercial practice and (or) industry practice. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with the law of the place where the platform is located, and the judicial authority in the place where the platform is located shall be the first instance jurisdiction.

(end of this agreement)