OTC789.COM open trial operation announcement

Dear OTC789 users:

After more than six months of intense development and testing, OTC789 finally met with you! OTC789.COM is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site(currently only supporting bitcoin and the next version will support more digital currencies). You can easily complete online transactions through the site.Digital currency transfer can be completed in this platform through secured transactions, payment shall not transfer through this platform, You can choose bank card, third party payment, and all the platform support, and you can accept the payment method to reach a deal, greatly facilitate your transaction.

This website has been opened in September 27, 21 days of trial operation, the formal operation in October 18th, all the data during the trial operation are regarded as valid data, trial operation after the data is not cleared, but our site may be more frequent update during the trial operation, if occasionally affect your use, please understanding!

In order to express our attention on the early experience of users, website account registration will not make any restrictions, as long as the alphanumeric combination of 3-26 bits can be identified through the system, it will be you in the OTC789 community outside of the unique ID, please register your own nice number!

OTC789.COM community management team

September 27, 2017