Callup Notices for CK.USD Dealers

Dear OTC789 users:

In consideration of CK.USD trading market is so active recently but dealers are so few. In order to meet more users' CK.USD transferring need and improve CK.USD transferring efficiency, OTC789 decide to reduce advertising fees to 0.1%. So that all the users have the chance to become CK.USD dealers.

If you have RMB circulation channels, you can choose to be RMB-CK.USD dealers.

If you have USD circulation channels, you can choose to be USD-CK.USD dealers.

Also you can become multi-currency CK.USD dealers if you have corresponding channels.

To make sure a safe and honest platform for dealers, OTC789 will strengthen the supervision and control. Account will result in an instant ban for malicious actions.

Please notice the following details when you are trading on OTC789:

1. Users must guarantee transaction via OTC789, never trust any other offline transactions.

2. Please remark "Reference code" when users transfer payments to make sure both vendor and purchaser can eecognize every payment.

3. If you are a currency purchaser, please mark the transaction into "finished" state timely after the payment, otherwise the transaction will be determined as the purchaser haven't finish the payment, then it will be cancelled by the system automatically. 

4. If you are a currency vendor, please transfer your currency after receiving the cash from the purchaser. Before you receive the cash, please don't transfer your currency.

Notice: 1 unit CK.USD is equal to 1 USD. Please notice the price and daily exchange rate while buying and selling to avoid the large USD exchange rate deviation.

Thanks for your support.

4th, December, 2017