CK.USD transactions on line

Dear OTC789 users:

We are pleased to inform you that this website has supported online trading of CK.USD since this day, and we will continue to support more currencies in the future. Coming soon!

CK USD Token (CK.USD) is a blockchain token developed by a wholly-owned holding company CK Fintech Corp. of Cascadia Blockchain Group, which is a listed company in Canada. The token is designed for the liquidation of funds between exchanges and financial institutions within the CK system. CK.USD will be published on the CNET based on the technology of super-trading networks, and will provide the experience of the millisecond speed in the future. Each CK.USD unit will be used at the CK's exchange as a US dollar.

More information about CK.USD please visit:

Thank you for your support!


November 24, 2017